Who You Least Expect, Thornehill Springs #2

Orderly. Efficient. Controlled.

That’s how Blakely Bishop likes her life and the people in it. The instability of her past has ingrained in her the hard lessons of a life lived in chaos. She refuses to experience that again, and if the cost of her safety is an occasional bout of loneliness, she’ll happily pay that price.

And then he enters her world.

Cody Sommers, a young, brash Navy SEAL lives for the edge and embraces the messiness of life wholeheartedly. One look at prim and proper Blakely, and Cody knows that if she loosened the reins, the results would be explosive. Blakely’s tough, but Cody’s never met a challenge he didn’t like, and he won’t be dissuaded, not even when she does her best to push him away.