Tease Me, Dirty Royals #2

Sometimes friends make the best lovers…and sometimes sex ruins everything.

Dallas is a stereotypical artist: passionate, creative, and flighty. She’s also not getting any younger. She wants to settle down, but her lack of experience in the bedroom is a stumbling block to building a serious relationship.

Prince Kristian, second in line to the throne of the Kingdom of Medina, maintains rigid order in every area of his life, including his work as a chef and restaurateur. Everything has a place– and in all the years since they met at college, Dallas’s place has been firmly in the friend zone.

So when she asks him to be her first, he says no…and then realizes he hates the thought of her sleeping with another man. But just as things finally heat up between them, Kristian’s meddling family and Dallas’s old insecurities interfere. Can he convince Dallas to give him another chance, or will these friends turned lovers lose everything?