Ultimate Redemption, Ultimate #3

Their secrets could end them—or be their salvation.

Five years ago, disgraced ex-Navy SEAL Damien Silver lost everything: his medals, his reputation, his freedom. But nothing hurt worse than losing the woman he loved. Lacey Bowers abandoned him in his darkest hour, and he swore he’d hate her until the day he died.

But when Damien learns that Lacey’s in danger, his anger is only matched by his undeniable need to keep her safe. His sudden reappearance shocks Lacey to her core. The chemistry between them is as strong as ever—but secrets from the past could derail their precarious reconciliation.

When an enemy intent on settling old scores threatens to end their future before it starts, Damien and Lacey must risk everything in order to trust each other—and rescue a love that refuses to die.