When You Least Expect, Thornehill Springs #3

Five years ago, Ariel Mallick experienced a devastating loss, and for a time, she didn’t know if she’d recover.

It took a while, but the widowed mother is in a good place now, focused on providing the best possible life for her four-year-old daughter and maintaining her career as a mechanic. Her life now is one that a few short years ago she didn’t think would be possible, and she won’t do anything to unsettle it.

Mathias Poole was born and raised in Thornehill Springs, and though many of the memories of his past are tinged with pain, he loves his town and is happy to be back home, especially since meeting Ariel.

To her surprise, Ariel feels a deep attraction to the handsome, reserved Dr. Poole. After an impromptu date, she finds herself caught up in a passionate whirlwind, one strong enough to make her wonder if she and Matt might have a chance at something real.

But not everyone in town is excited about Ariel’s new relationship, and to keep her daughter she might have to give up the man she’s come to love.