Reap, The Irish Mob Chronicles #2

Her stubbornness challenges me. Her curves tempt me. She’s mine—whether she knows it or not. And when danger calls, all bets are off…

My brother thinks I’m a hothead, and since he’s in charge, I’m on the sidelines. Stuck babysitting a hotel that’s beset by a million small problems when we have real business to handle.

Bad enough—but with her it gets so much worse.


She’s supposed to be my assistant general manager. Instead she’s a pain in my ass. Challenging me at every turn like she has no idea who my family is. Stubbornness and pure aggravation wrapped in curves that I’m having a hard time resisting.

And I can’t afford distractions. Those small problems have gotten a lot bigger. Someone’s setting me up…and they’re targeting Eden too.

Time to unleash the kind of holy hell that hotheads like me are best at.